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Motherkind Paris

Glow From Within 250g

Glow From Within 250g

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Glow from Within is a premium pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides which is soluble in and liquid: hot/cold and tasteless with a creamy texture. It can easily be added to any liquid (water/juice/coffee/tea/smoothies) or used when preparing foods. Collagen is not only limited to moms but is beneficial for the whole family.Top of Form The MOTHERKIND ‘GLOW’ range is 96.7% pure collagen. Factually, this would be 100% pure however we cannot factor out oxygen and hydrogen at 3.3%. In other words, Glow From Within is the purest form of collagen powder. Glow From within Collagen supports integrity of our cartilage, supports in tightening, strengthening and toning the entire digestive system, and supports our sleep quality. Safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding


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