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Motherkind Paris

Collagen Slimming Shake

Collagen Slimming Shake

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Motherkind’s Collagen Slimming Shake has been carefully formulated using a blend of premium bioactive collagen peptides, clinically proven to target the muscle matrix in speeding up fat metabolism for weight loss. In combination with fat burning active ingredients of L-Carnitine and green tea extract, this slimming shake will ensure fat metabolism is accelerated and collagen is rapidly absorbed in the body to aid in muscle recovery and fat loss. Collagen Slimming Shake is a delicious way to help you achieve weight loss goals with the added benefit of beautifying collagen to address beauty concerns. Contains Almond milk powder. Lactose free.

Comes in 2 flavours: Vanilla Almond and Cocoa Almond

Size: 620g

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